]> Scaled NCB capacity from 57000 TPA to 75000 TPA. Expanded caffeine capacity. Setup Aarti USA Inc. a subsidiary in USA for marketing and distribution. Merged promoter’s investment group companies into Aarti Industries Ltd. 2016 Total income crosses 2900 crores. 2015 2000 crores; 1000 crores. Total income crossed exports crossed Merged manufacturing division of Anushakti Chemicals and Drugs Ltd into Aarti Industries Ltd. 2013 Crossed 1500 crores in total income; PAT crossed 100 crores. 2012 Commissioned sulfonation unit in Pithampur. Custom Synthesis division (Vapi) received USFDA approval. Upgraded hydrogenation unit from branch to continuous. 2010 Merged Surfactants Specialities Pvt. Ltd. (accessing home/personal care segment). Crossed 1000 crores in total income. 2009 Received USFDA approval for API unit at Tarapur. 2008 Expanded NCB capacity. Split of equity shares of 10 each into two shares of 5 each. Expanded sulphuric acid capacity by 100 KTPA to 200 KTPA. 2006 Bonus issue of equity shares (2:1). 2005 Crossed 500 crores in total income. 2004 Pioneered hydrogenation process based on Swiss technology. Commenced production in Jhagadia. 2001 Set up Alchemie (Europe) Ltd., a subsidiary in UK for marketing and distribution. 1998 Bonus issue of equity share (1:1). 1995 Merged Salvigor labs, producers of DMS and Sulphuric Acid and their downstream products into Aarti. Change of name from Aarti Organics Ltd to Aarti Industries Ltd. 1994 Public issue of 8, 70,000 equity shares at a premium of 36 per share. 1992 Set up additional unit at Vapi to manufacture NCBs with capacity of 4,500 TPA. 1990 Commenced 1,200 TPA manufacturing plant for Nitro Chloro Benzenes (NCB) in Sarigram, Gujarat. 1986 Aarti Organics Pvt Ltd incorporated. 1984