Aarti Management SYSTEM

Aarti’s values, purpose and vision give a clear statement of our commitment to our stakeholders. As a leading chemical manufacturer, Aarti is committed for brighter future, we have responsibility to take care of our stakeholders, ie employee, customers, suppliers, , shareholders, and societies in which we operate. Our Aarti Management system plays an important role in realising our values and vision. AMS is an integrated management system, which takes care of all our stakeholders and gives a meticulous framework to achieve our objectives of security, reliability, productivity, inner growth and outer growth.


AMS aims to bring excellence in each dimension of business. Strong AMS practices are central to how Aarti operates and meets its objectives. AMS consists of 12 pillars, with standards, systems and processes, and targets for every major function within the company, be it marketing, R&D, or manufacturing.

Each pillar of AMS acts as a jenga block, whose presence is essential but may not necessarily requires focus all the time. Overall excellence depends on how all these pillars are implemented together, and not on how one pillar is implemented. This architect of system gives our leadership team required agility and fluidity to manage our complex integrated business which has different challenges at different manufacturing sites.