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Campus Flagship Programme

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Campus Engagement Activity

Leadership Talk

Apart from the campus flagship programme, students can also participate in an in-person discussion with AIL’s leaders. It is an informal platform where students get valuable information about AIL’s strengths.

Institute Event

We believe in participating and engaging with institutions that celebrate knowledge and provide a platform to growing professionals to showcase their talent in the field of chemicals and technology. AIL is an active participant and is committed to support and promote events held at various colleges across India.

Aaghaz – From Campus To Corporate

At AIL, we believe that transition is an eternal process and one of the most important transitory phases is when a person moves from being a student to a professional. The transition from the final years of college/campus to the early years of one’s career is challenging and exciting and fulfilling at the same time.

At AIL, the people processes are designed to provide young and buddying professionals with the best initiation into the professional world. The organisation’s rich learning culture supports individual and collective development and focuses on taking them to the next level in their careers.

Aaghaz, which means ‘beginning’ in Urdu, is an outbound activity-based learning programme. It inducts and welcomes young, entry-level professionals recruited through campus recruitment drives, into AIL’s positive and fulfilling atmosphere.

Aaghaz is designed as part of our OT (Officer Trainee)/MT (Management Trainee)/LT (Leadership Trainee) development plan to groom young professionals into future leaders. While residing in the lap of invigorating environs, the intense workshop focuses on a diverse range of learning sessions.

The sessions include a welcome and orientation address from the CHRO and HR team and interactions with the management team. Panel discussions involving the top leaders of different verticals and groups channel the conversation on career planning and development along with understanding the functions in depth. Fun-filled activities including learning games and informal interactive sessions with the leaders further cement the tender bonds between the new recruits and the organisation.

Also, we organise detailed soft-skill training sessions, where the participants are given an intense lowdown on communication skills, decision-making, collaboration and leadership. The blend of classroom sessions and task-based activities ensures the active participation and involvement of everyone.

Over the years, Aaghaz has created a feeling of belongingness, involvement and a sense of leadership in each and every trainee. When they leave the session, they are geared up to become a high-performing member and committed to AIL’s vision of being a great place to work.

Progressio - Development Journey Of Campus Recruits

Focused talent development aims at creating an atmosphere and presenting opportunities for talent to grow. It nurtures the capabilities to deliver high performance to take the individual and the organisation to newer heights. Similarly, a focus on campus talent development grooms the new professionals in the initial months of his or her professional journey and lays a strong foundation for their development into high performers.

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Progressio is an intrinsically designed year-long development journey which includes various interventions: