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At Aarti Industries, we provide a platform for all our employees to express their creativity and also address any problems faced. Through various initiatives, we allow employees to express themselves and work in a cohesive space, creating a productive and fulfilling ecosystem.

“To become a preferred employer of choice, bringing a culture of co-creation, excellence and care”

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Our HR policies and systems have been carefully crafted and rolled out to achieve our objectives. Our focus on building a robust talent pipeline and strategically focusing on building the future-ready workforce, coupled with industry experts recruited laterally to bring in the required experience, has been our success mantra over the years.

Aarti Industries continues to maintain a comprehensive people environment, where cause-driven talent is attracted and engaged. At Aarti Industries, we provide a platform for all our employees to express their creativity and also address any problems faced. We work with transparency and a robust performance management system at all levels.


Interventions For Organisational Development

Aayam - Expanding Horizons

To realise and harness the extraordinary potential of our people, the organisation-wide initiative was designed with the following key objectives:

  • Design and implement our own leadership approach
  • Create a space of openness, listening and powerful communication
  • Aayam focuses on transforming Aarti into an organisation which is an epitome of ownership, listening, high performance and leadership. Capturing the essence of Aayam learnings, we have developed the Aarti Engaging Leadership Framework.

Talent Segmentation And Assessment

Leaders undergo an external assessment based on the AIL leadership competencies. Individual feedback conversations are conducted to discuss the assessment’s observations. Accordingly, individual development plans are created for all leaders. A development library has been designed to assist the leaders in achieving the desired development objectives.

Nirvana - Employee Wellness Programme

Nirvana is our employee wellness programme which focuses on the activities to ensure that the workplace we provide helps our employees maintain and improve their overall wellbeing.

Aarti’s Training Online Management System – ATOMS

Aarti's Training Online Management System – ATOMS, is a platform which enables the employees to design and monitor their learning journey. Employees will be able to view the training interventions and courses assigned to them and their team members for the year. They can also nominate themselves and their team members for the course/training of their choice. Employees can also view their learning history.

Employee Experience

Arjan - Rewards and Recognition

Arjan is an online rewards and recognition platform, which provides an opportunity to promote, celebrate, appreciate and recognise the achievements of our team members.

Kalpadrum - Company-Level R&R

Kalpadrum identifies and rewards excellent individual and team performance at the organisational level.

Anahata - Employee Assistance Programme

We have an employee assistance programme for the emotional and mental wellbeing of our employees. Through Anahata, AIL provides free counselling for AIL employees and three dependent family members per employee.

Navodaya - Internal Mobility

Under the internal mobility process, the company encourages employees to take responsibility for their growth and gives them an opportunity to choose careers they aspire for and advance within the organisation.

Aarti’s Got Talent

Aarti’s Got Talent is an employee engagement initiative to keep our employees engaged, motivated and connected during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Let’s Scrap It

The objective of this initiative is to highlight and eliminate redundant practices to make the existing system more efficient and effective. It focuses on continuous improvement to enhance the employee and customer experience.

Awareness And Development


The Aarti CAANN — 'Creating Awareness About the New Normal', is launched to create awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic. It extends support to our employees and their family members in understanding the 'New Normal’.

Unnati - Performance Enhancement

Unnati is a performance enhancement initiative which offers employees with performance gaps, an opportunity to succeed by providing them with appropriate development options and support, through a result-oriented approach.

Online Quiz Competitions

Our online learning platforms host quizzes to engage employees.

Sports Events

AIL empowers employees to maintain mental and physical fitness by organising sports meets, including the Aarti Marathon and the Aarti Cricket Premier League (ACPL).

Employee Connect

Pehel – Townhall

Pehel is our town hall forum where employees share their views, thoughts, issues and ideas. The main objective of this initiative is to increase transparency and reduce communication gap by allowing employees to interact with the leaders and share their views and concerns.

Khushal Varta

Khushal Varta, is an initiative to create an interactive environment with the new members of the Aarti family. This initiative aims at solidifying the relationship with the new recruits.


This initiative addresses employee grievances on a daily basis for enriching the employee experience.

Focused Capability-Building

Effective Executive

Aarti's Pursuit of Effectiveness - the effective executive course, is an experiential learning journey which focuses on enhancing the leadership capabilities of the identified managers and the supervisors/in-charges of Aarti Industries Ltd. With a combination of classroom-based interactive sessions and individual one-on-one coaching, the extensive nine-month programme encourages introspection and review for bringing efficiency in the working capabilities.


It is an organisational capability-building proposal for managers and above, focused on building a technical competency to demonstrate the usage of QC tools and RCA to help prevent mistakes, learn from them, and build a continuously evolving data-oriented culture. The long-term objective is to introduce Six Sigma level of operations across zones.

LEAP: Lead, Energise and Accelerate the Process

It is a technical intervention with an aim to provide basic conceptual knowledge to trainees and process engineers, to help them transition from the campus mindset to a corporate one. The aim is to build a bridge between theory and industrial practice.

Swayam Ka Vikas

It is a behavioural intervention for the associate work force. The aim is to provide a platform for insightful interaction and engagement. These sessions help in enriching the attitude of the workmen where they can take some practical learnings back home to ensure a fulfilling personal life.

Young Talent Development

Aagaz - Campus Recruits On-boarding Programme

Aagaz is a four-day on-boarding programme for campus hires wherein all the recruits across zones get an opportunity to interact with the AIL leadership as well as with each other.


Progressio is a one-year development plan for our management trainees. It includes Blossom and Scientai. Blossom is a knowledge-sharing session with functions and zones, whereas Scientai is about classroom training, OJT (on job training), and functional orientation.


Meraki is a mentorship programme to provide guidance and support to newly-inducted campus hires.

Coffee with Gen Z

It aims at sustainable relationship-building and scrutinising the progress of the millennials.


Gyan Sandhi

Gyan Sandhi is a knowledge-sharing and book-review session, where employees share the learnings from the books that they read.

Gyan Vriddhi

It is our tacit knowledge-sharing session. We conduct these sessions to share informal knowledge gained through experience.

Gyan Vriksh

A physical library has been created for employees providing access to a variety of books from the technical, legal and management domain. Apart from the books, employees also have free access to the Harvard Business Review magazine.

Aarti Talks

A platform where employees can exhibit and share the rich experiences and learnings from their lives.

Employee Communication

Aarti Insights

Aarti Insights is an internal magazine published every quarter. We share the success stories, organisation-wide initiatives taken, breakthroughs, and events of the respective quarter.

Lockdown Specials

A ‘Lockdown Special’ section in the company newsletter allows employees to share their experiences of overcoming challenges and celebrating achievements under the theme ‘Stories worth Sharing’.