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At Aarti Industries Limited (AIL), nurturing talent is one of our cultural attributes.

We are committed to helping our employees identify their strengths and development areas and guide them in reaching their maximum potential. Aarti’s Talent Management Framework focuses on identifying, nurturing and developing the talent in the organisation. The framework equips them with the knowledge, skills and abilities to grow and contribute to the company’s business objectives.

Development Initiatives

This organisation-wide initiative was designed to realise and harness the extraordinary potential of our people. The initiative is led by the senior leadership team and has the following key objectives:

  • Design and implement our own leadership approach
  • Create a space of openness, listening and powerful communication

Aayam focuses on transforming AIL into an organisation, which is an epitome of ownership, listening, high performance and leadership. Capturing the essence of Aayam learnings, we have developed our own Aarti Engaging Leadership Framework.

With an objective to build a strong leadership pipeline, AIL endeavours to identify the potential of employees and groom them for future leadership roles. Talent identification and development programmes focus on assessing the true potential of the employees and provides them with opportunities to develop through appropriate interventions. An in-house development library has been designed to guide and support employees throughout their development journey.

This platform enables our employees to design and monitor their learning journeys. ATOMS enhances their learning experience by allowing them to view trainings and courses assigned to them for the year, view the training of their team members, nominate themselves and their team members for the course or training of their choice and capture their learning history.

Under the internal mobility process, the company encourages employees to take responsibility for their growth and gives them an opportunity to choose careers they aspire for and advance within the organisation.

This initiative is a result-oriented approach to give employees with performance gaps an opportunity to succeed by providing them with appropriate development options and support.

To encourage the e-learning medium and increased usage of Aarti’s LMS platform, regular quizzes are organised for employees. Employees can access a variety of e-learning modules on ATOMS and attempt the quiz.

It is a one-year development programme specifically designed for campus professionals (OT, MT and LT) wherein they undergo a focused development journey that includes various development interventions like training, mentoring, functional projects, reading assignments and plant visits.

Meraki is a mentorship programme to provide guidance and support to newly-inducted campus hires.

Gyan Sandhi is a knowledge-sharing and book-review session where employees share the learnings from their favourite books.

We conduct these tacit knowledge-sharing sessions to exchange informal knowledge gained through experience.

A physical library has been created for employees providing them with an access to a variety of books from the technical, legal and management domain. Employees also have free access to the Harvard Business Review magazine.

A platform where employees can exhibit and share the rich experiences and learnings from their lives.

To create a strong leadership pipeline, a senior leader mentors a person just a rung lower in the hierarchy.