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AIL’s rewards philosophy is based on providing industry-level rewards and benefits to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

The Compensation Programme

Annual Compensation Review

The ‘Annual Compensation Review’ process is designed to reward high-performing employees. The evaluation parameters ensure fairness, parity and equity among employees.

Pay for Performance

Pay for Performance' is aimed at achieving an alignment between employee performance and rewards, thus creating a performance-oriented culture within the organisation.

Market Benchmarking

Market benchmarking process ensures that our rewards programme is competitive.

Incentive and Retention Programme

Variable Pay

Variable Pay

Variable Pay is aligned towards rewarding employees for their performance during the financial year and creating a performance-driven culture.

Long-term Incentive

Long-term incentive is a retention-driver  and acts as a business enabler while creating a linkage between business outcome and individual rewards.

Retirement Programme

AIL’s retirement programme, inclusive of provident fund, gratuity and leave encashment, is designed to ensure a joyous and peaceful life, post-retirement, for our employees. It helps us to honour their long-term association with us.

Employee Benefits

Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits like medical insurance and hospitalisation benefits are offered to employees and their families.

Other Benefits

Other benefits include the provision of company-owned cars, mobile handsets, loans and company-provided accommodation to a select category of employees.


Apart from major achievements, even day-to-day accomplishments of the employees are celebrated.

We also have an online rewards and recognition portal Arjan , where employees
are recognised for their outstanding achievement. Through Kalpadrum, we recognise initiatives at the company level.