Aarti Industries provides direct educational assistance(material and financial) to more than 2,100 students. Initiatives like Vidya Sathi Abhiyan in the Nana Bhadia cluster of villages and Vallabh Vidyalaya in Mundra helped in nurturing the rural students

Army training

A retired army man was appointed to train individuals in building army/police/security agency recruitment capability among local youth resulting in eight army men from a single school (TVM of Aarti Group).

Skill building

Aarti is expanding a skill-building institute in TVM – Kutch and started one at Pimpalner (Marathawada), Itarsi (M.P.) and Ratanpar-Khadir (Vagad) along with hostel facility.

Boarding school for nomads

Aarti (in association with VSSM) has started seven hostels for nomads in various districts of Gujarat, strengthening a culture of education, health, hygiene, nutrition and self-discipline. Aarti also set up a modern boarding school near Gandhinagar for nomads, a school that has since attracted more donors.

Livelihood for nomads

Aarti (in association with VSSM) provides interest-free loans to small rural entrepreneurs. The livelihood fund has crossed ₹ 1 crore.

Water conservation and harvesting

Aarti has initiated river widening and check dam building in Pimpalner cluster of Beed, Marathawada. This gives the farmers of the region wider water availability and increases overall ground water levels.

Flora and fauna

Aarti revived a historic lake in Medak Bet, benefiting the lives of rare animals and bird species around Rann of Kutch. Because of this rain water harvesting movement, villagers came forward to contribute towards more Kutch Jal Mandirs.

Cleaning Rankala Lake

Aarti has pledged support to an Institute of Chemical Technology initiative called ‘The Hydro Dynamic Cavitation Programme’ led by Padmashri Prof. GD Yadav to clean Rankala Lake in Kolhapur.

Hygiene and sanitation

Aarti has built toilets for girl students in Aarti-initiated schools in 12 villages. Over 50 toilet blocks were constructed and handed over, and another 110 have been constructed.