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Process Safety Testing Services

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Process Safety Testing Services

We believe in supporting development of inherently safe processes!

Our dedicated team has 15+ Scientists capable to investigate chemical processes for hazard identification.

Our Process Safety Services provide the following data generation services and Infrastructure:

  • Thermal Stability Studies by- DSC, TSU, ARC
  • Fire and explosion Hazard data generation and by Minimum Ignition Energy- MIE and Flash Point
  • SDS generation according to regulations in various foreign languages
  • Gas Evolution measurement from desired reaction by Gas evolution measurement apparatus with Reaction Calorimeter.
  • Data for vent sizing by - VSP 2
  • Exothermic Reaction Studies by - RC-1(Atmospheric and Hastelloy Pressure Vessel)


Chemical Reaction Hazard data generation and its interpretation

Thermal Stability Studies

1. DSC (Differential scanning calorimeter)

2. TSU (Thermal scanning unit)

3. ARC (Accelerating rate calorimeter)


1. RC1e (Reaction Calorimeter) (Atmospheric and Hastelloy pressure vessel)

Gas Evolution and Vent Sizing Studies

1. VSP (Vent Size Packaging)

2. Gas Evolution measurement apparatus with Reaction Calorimeter (RC1e)


1. MIE (Minimum ignition energy)

2. Flash Point

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