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Our People Philosophy

As a responsible employer, we adhere to all the national and global guidelines and standards applicable for human resource management.

We are committed to protect human rights and explicitly prohibit all forms of verbal and corporeal forms of abuses. Aarti Industries Limited (AIL) is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the grounds of religion, caste, gender, ethnicity and race. We have adopted a merit-based and transparent recruitment process comprising campus mode and lateral hiring. Our talent acquisition team develops advanced recruitment plans factoring in promotions, retirements, attrition and organisational growth.

As of 31st March 2020, we had a total of 4,366 permanent employees in our organisation which was 35 per cent higher than the number of employees in the previous year. Participation of women in our workforce increased from less than 1 per cent in FY 2018-19 to approximately 2 per cent during 2019-20. Women constituted 4 per cent of our newly hired employees. During FY 2019-20, our new employee hiring rate increased from 38 per cent to 42 per cent while turnover rate reduced from 16 per cent to 14 per cent.

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We offer all benefits and privileges to our people in accordance with industry standards. We adhere to global standards for protection and promotion of human rights. Our permanent employees are entitled to various benefits such as health insurance, dependent insurance, group personal accident insurance, Employee Pension Scheme, Employee Provident Fund Scheme and Employee State Insurance Corporation Scheme (as applicable).

We believe that training offers employees an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, refine their skills and brighten their prospects, and improves motivation, performance and job satisfaction among them. It also helps in adhering to various standards and compliances, introducing innovations and reducing employee turnover. At AIL, we have a structured and meticulously designed training programme. Our talent management team develops an annual training calendar, organises training sessions and facilitates knowledge-sharing and peer learning. Our training and development activities are managed through Aarti's Training Online Management System.

A structured performance management system helps to boost employee engagement, identify performance gaps and improve performance. We have developed and adopted a performance management system as per prevailing industry standards. Smart and measurable goals are provided to all employees at the start of appraisal cycle or at the time of joining.

We ensure that the human rights and labour practices are adhered to at all the manufacturing and non-manufacturing units. We have developed a human rights policy and have communicated to all our employees and contractors. It has been displayed prominently to ensure adequate visibility. Periodic training programmes are organised for capacity building of our employees, contractors and sub-contractors. We undergo periodic audits conducted by appropriate authorities for adherence to the requirements of labour practices covering forced and child labour, safe work practices, work conditions, wages and salary, discrimination and other system strengthening practices.

Employee engagement is the emotional connection which an employee feels towards his or her organisation that tends to influence their behaviours and level of effort in work-related activities. Building an emotional commitment within the workforce for their organisation and its goals is one of the main objectives of employee engagement. Aarti’s Got Talent (AGT) is an employee engagement initiative which provides a platform to our employees to showcase their talent to the entire AIL family. The purpose of this initiative is to put a smile on employees' faces by sharing their hobbies and some hidden talents. The initiative is led centrally by the Employee Experience Team. Various such activities are organised all the year round.